ShepT here from Columbus Ohio,

I received a invite from? - via RSI via amazonses.com…okay, not sure what that is all about but hey here I am. New to Star Citizen just bought it 2 days ago. I used to be big into flight sims. I was in a Lockon squad called 44th VFW now known better as DCS for several years, was even on the Black Shark beta test team for a while. Messed around with BMS and ARMAs over the years. I am a mature gamer that thrives on simulation and immersion which is why i am interested in SC. I have not done much with SC since I am still trying to set up CHproduct HOTAS and learn what keys do what. So I am a greenie but would like to learn and see what kind of adventure awaits.


Welcome and congratulations on choosing ADI,
When you get the chance if you havent yet please folow the rest of the instructions on the join ADI page. again welcome. See you soon on mumble!

Sounds like you will fit in well here, a number of us are former/current simmers or retired military.

Unfortunately I am not aware of any good CH HOTAS configurations for SC, and we haven’t made a custom one yet, so I’m afraid your kind of stuck doing it on your own. Though that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it is often best to customize your own anyways. My suggestion once your finished on-boarding and are a full member would be to grab the x52 profile and check out the included x52 pdf for layout ideas.

Welcome ShepT,

glad to have you on board! I just recently moved from Dayton Ohio to Texas…not too far from you, but I am now :laughing: Be sure to hop in Mumble every now and then in order to help familiarize yourself with a few of the many ADI members. I Hope to see you at the next Friday night flight night, and welcome once again.