Hermes - Promoted to Director - Asset Protection & Recovery

Hermes has proven himself in the West Coast Team Lead Role. His knowledge, devotion to flight, and leadership qualities have earned him his position.

Congrats Hermes! Run APR well, PRESERVE MY LEGACY!

Remember guys, getting positions within this org have to do directly with the effort you put in. The definite best way to start is to get involved with recruiting. Talk to Zarkloyd, and get involved!



Congrats HermeS, looking forward to working with u more :slight_smile:

Congrats Homie!

Congrats Hermes!

Congrats Herms! Oh wait.

Thanks guys! Im really looking forward to this position and have already been dedicating lots of my time to research, idea projection, roster improvement, and leadership training. I will make you envious Endgame! Get excited people!

Congrats Hermes!