Help! Upgrading My GPU

Hey guys,

I am planning on upgrading my GPU and I have a question regarding the PCIe slot on my motherboard. I am using an ASRock H61M-HVS board with a PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 GPU and am planning on getting an EVGA GeForce GTX 970. My MB slot says PCIe1. Will I be losing a lot of performance by not having a PCIe3.0 slot for the new GPU?

If so the cost of this upgrade will double and will have to wait a while.

Sorry to be bearer of bad news but…
If you place a PCIe3 graphics card in to a PCIe1 slot, it will fry your motherboard, the power drain alone will cook the northbridge/southbridge.

Aka not recommended / compatible. Although looking up your motherboard it’s actually a PCIe2 slot, but the above still applies sorry :frowning:

will work but will not use full potential, SC is power hungry, just with good videocard is not enough, i have h61 chipset too with core i5, and am planing to upgrade to s1151 skylake and ddr4 and r9 380 at the moment.

What graphics card are you using Banis?

I thought the same Banis, Google said so, even all the specs such as bandwidth available made sense. Long story short one RMA’ed graphics card and one dead motherboard with a smoking hole on the northbridge later I learnt my lesson.

At the moment withot any gpy :slight_smile: , dismantling and selling old computer part by part, to build new.

According to what is actually labeled on my MB. The PCIe 2.0 is the 4pin underneath my GPU and the 16 pin that my GPU is hooked up to says PCIe1. Also the owners manual of the GTX 970 says either PCI express or PCI express 3.0. So it will work.

I looked up some PCI benckmarks done and the performance difference between PCIe1 and PCIe3.0 is minimal but more noticable on higher taxing games.

But your experience gives me a cause for concern. Further research will be required.

It’s time to upgrade the entire PC… This system is 4+ years old, and is either a sandy bridge or ivy bridge cpu. Save your money and upgrade the entire PC.

That’s what I was afraid of JayC. I will deal with what I have now until I can save up enough for a new PC.

Thanks guys.

Good luck Psyconn, bummer about your system but its really worth the entire overall. I too have just built a new 970 rig. its worth it, go big or go home :slight_smile:

helllo there, you can always wait a few more months since amd will be realesing new cpus before summer and even if u dont like amd maybe there be better discounted intel parts at that time!

Check the specs off of ASRock’s web site, it reads to be as it is a PCI 3.0 slot. Reason it has a PCIE1 near the slot is showing its position on the PCB/Board. Its the “first” PCI-E slot.


So, it would work. And since its a 6x chipset, I’m going to guess its a Sandy Bridge based chip. Which isn’t groundbreaking, but at the same time, may not be a slouch either in i5 or i7 form. Still haven’t really maxed out my Ivy based 3770k at stock clocks, which some still think the i7-2700K ended up being the better of the two. (overclocking reasons) (Which chip do we have?)

Personal opinion. Start with the GTX 970 and see what happens. Remember, we are in Alpha, so SC results may very. But if it handles everything else you can though at it, then hold off on replacing everything until this Fall or early next year.

Then swap out the Motherboard + CPU + Memory(DDR4) and carry over the GTX 970. Then start saving up to swap out the GTX 970 in two years or so. If we’re playing at 1080p (1920x1080) and not obsessed about cranking the detail to insane, then the 970 should be a solid release card. But take that with a grain of salt. Three years ago the RSI forums were all about the final game running at 1080p max with a GTX 680 and i though my 660ti would be good all the way till release at 1080p on high.

I just upgraded to a EVGA GTX 970 and my motherboard only has a PCIe 2.0 slot as well and works just fine, and it also says on the outside of the cards box that you need a PCIe 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0 slot. SC looks amazing on highest settings with it.