Help Setting up Joystick + Throttle + Pedal

Hello, I am having trouble setting up my Warthog joystick, CH Pro Throttle, and Saitek Pro pedals. Star Citizen is only recognizing one device at a time. Would appreciate any suggestions or even existing XML files. I checked the File Browser forum but didn’t find any XMLs that would seem to cover the devices other than the Warthog. Thanks.

With your combination of devices I would say you will have to map it yourself.

Blaze is our expert and keeper on the XML setups. You may want to PM him for advice also.

Once you have applied the keybindings you will need to export that to a new file name. Be sure to save a copy of this outside of SC so you dont loose it. In the future when you have to rebind your set up, you would import the file you created in the keybinding settings and all three devices should come up.

Also take a look at the pdf files that come with the controller settings and set up your throttle and stick as close as you can to those. That way you are as close to the standard as possible, which will make it easier when flying with others and in flight instruction.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response, Gunny. I will get in contact with Blaze.