Help me get into this game... please

My CMDR history:

Looking to join SC now that I have a-10 HOTAS and 1080 ti

Looking for an active group of friends to work toward end-game and group challenges.


Yes. I have a mic.

cockpit room

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Hello bluecrash,

Nice rig you have there. Welcome to ADI. If you have not seen it yet on our Join ADI page, you need to participate in an onboarding on our mumble server to gain full membership access. See the Join page for how to set that up.

Hope to talk to you soon! And welcome.


Heya Blue,

Here’s the link …

Read what you need or read it full for a refresher.

See you soon in the Verse!

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Welcome to ADI bluecrash. I have a hotas too, it just arrived so it’ll be good to learn from a pro like yourself. I’m glad you’ve joined our team.

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Hi Bluecrash, Welcome to ADI. Hope to see you in the verse once you have completed our onboarding process.

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Hi Bluecrash nice to meet you.

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Welcome to ADI Bluecrash :slight_smile:

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