Help Deciding New Ship

I currently have: a Constellation Aquila which will probably be my general use ship, a Khartu-Al for a fun little fighter, and an Idrus-P for our larger scale guild operations (I can’t wait to participate in training and planning her use.)

However, I want to get one more ship. I want her to be a big girl, useful for trade. The Merchantman is on sale now and looks pretty cool. But, she doesn’t look like she has much in the way of self-defense. (Could she carry the Khartu-Al without sacrificing too much cargo space?) The Reclaimer looks really cool, but is not currently on sale. I’m not thrilled with the Hull-E.

Are there any other options? What are some of your thoughts and recommendations? Wait for the Reclaimer or grab a Merchantman now?

Hmmm… Reclaimer was just added to the sale. Maybe, that makes up my mind for me. But, I’m still open to input.

Aww man! They removed the Merchantman from the sale already :frowning:

The Reclaimer looks so much more versatile. Could easily be used for trade as well as salvage… maybe even mining.

Money burning a hole in my pocket, what to do… LOL.

The last day of sales should have all ships back, including the BMM.

About the Khartu-Al, I personally find it the coolest ship currently in game, however, it is underwhelming when it comes to combat compared to other fighters with similar or lower price points. It will probably have its advantages in the final game, but right now it is more useful for aesthetics and self-transport than anything else.

Regarding the Idris, I would recommend hopping on Mumble and talking with a staff member about the best ways of preparing yourself for it.


buy an 85x LTI and CCU your way to a cutlass black!

Banu MerchantMan

By trading do you mean actual trading or cargo hauling? In case of cargo hauling, I would say Hull series, Hull C for example (or why not D or E depending on your preferences and budget). For trading, I would recommend you considering the Caterpillar due to her high modularity. You will be able to swap complete sections of your ship depending on your current needs. Though I do not know how much time / money it costs each time you change a section.

I’ve already picked The Reclaimer. Even without the modularity of the Caterpillar, it seems like it will be very versatile. Designed for Salvaging, but with the large cargo could easily be used for trade, and I bet it could easily be tweaked into a mining ship as well.

The Reclaimer also boasts some impressive firepower.

I don’t like the Hull series. I don’t want a massive barge like that.

What is your budget or size limit? Hull A and B can land on a planet with full cargo and get through the smallest wormholes.