help cargo hauling

I am new to SC and have no idea what to do to pick up cargo or where to go all I got for cargo carrying is a Aura mr So any help would be greatful. I also have a k51 but I need a hauler to get me around any help there would be apriciated

It depends on your price range and if you want a pure cargo carrier or a fighting ship with cargo capacity. Freelancer and Constellation are multi-purpose ships with cargo capacity and they are good all-arounders. Freelancer MAX is a more-cargo-variant and Constellation Taurus aswell. The Hull-series is a 100% cargo carrier from A-E. Banu Merchantman is a weird combination of basically everything with a large cargo hold. The Starfarer is a liquid carrier and fueling ship with capabilities of moving physical cargo aswell.

You should check the “ship matrix” and compare ships there. Feel free to ask additional questions!

As of right now there are no cargo missions available. When Alpha 3.0 launches with date being TBD, then the game will have cargo missions available to use. For not all missions available are listed on your Mobiglass that can be accessed with F1 on your keyboard.

thnx for info