Heloo will anyone be on today

would like to get on and start to learn and get use to the game been trying to play with people for a bit so if anyone is interested in anything lol that would be cool… im downloading 3.18 atm thank you

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Hey @xWanderofTimex ,

Yeah, people are around.
Hop on Mumble & Discord when in doubt.

Just be advised - the login for the 3.18 PU is a hot mess right now.
As is major elements of gameplay.

But folks are around if you need an assist.

I do regularly guide members and citizens in SC. Feel free to @ me or DM me on ADI discord if I am not already in Mumble.

3.18 is a hot mess as cy4r stated. so hopefully by Wed. we got a better situation.

@xWanderofTimex ,
If it seems slow over the next 7-10 days, DEFINITELY expect things to be more active just after that.
CIG is doing massive overhauls which may keep some folk focused on other games.
Which means DO hop on Mumble to team up & play other games!

I can’t log in :frowning:

ok is there a quick link for the mumble install and directions on how to connect tbh i just use discord…

All the instructions you need are on there. Once you’ve got Mumble you’ll be able to jump in an then go through the onboarding process. If no-one catches you in the lobby then just be patient. We’ve a bot that will ping staff members and one of us will pop in.

is there anyway some can delete my old registration on the servers or something lol please i cant join the server it keeps giving me wrong password/ certificate, but than i changed my name a bit and now it just keeps reconnecting to server and disconnecting :confused:

Edit your server settings in mumble, and add a 1 to the end of the username field, and connect, sit tight and a staffer will get your fixed up.