Hello all,

Looking to join a large professional organization with zero drama. One of the oldest game memories i have is of Wing Commander 2 / 3 / 4. Have been following the game for awhile now. Getting more involved in game now and would like to start getting with a group for the large scale content of the game.

Welcome to the org

Welcome Susurro! I loved all the WCs back in the day. I played them all - I hate drama with a passion. ADI is a great place for group play with our 3 basic rules. Don’t forget to get on mumble to finish onboarding, then you can join us in mumble every night for some fun SC with members!

Heyo Susurro! Welcome to ADI. pleasure to see you on today. which division are you apart of? what are you looking to do in game?

Welcome to ADI Susurro! its a great place to team up for both organised ops & daily random meetups in mumble

Welcome to ADI, Susurro!

You’ve made a wise choice in ADI. The Corp run frequent, coordinated large scale ops, which a great fun. There is most certainly a distinct lack of drama. I look forward to catching up in game.

Fleet Security, I would say my end goal would be able to fly aboard and participate in large fleet actions aboard a Polaris or Idris. Not that it matters but do we posses a Javelin…? #NotASpy

Welcome to ADI Susurro :slight_smile:

ADI is a drame free zone and real life comes first.
There are always people online on Mumble and Discord so you shold have no truble finding someone to fly with.

Welcome to ADI, Susurro! Fleet sec is a great place to be. The org has lots of ships and many of the members are also very happy to share. I think the more important answer is that we have the organizational skills to actually manage larger resources, like a javelin. As Alxa mentioned, make sure that you hop on to mumble so that we can get you onboarded. See you soon!

Hey Susurro,

Sounds like you’ve come to the right spot. Most nights we have groups flying together, I hope you’ll join us. See you around!

Welcome to ADI Susurro, hope to fly around with you!