Hello I’m Grizz1978 you can call me Grizz or Grizzard I’m new to the game

Hello Grizz1978,

Welcome to ADI. I hope you got all the information you needed during your onboarding. Be sure to check the calendar so you can join one of our division or org membership meetings to learn more about our org activities. With 3.3 just around the corner we have some new plans coming up that should be exciting.

Enjoy your time here! o7

Howdy, Grizz!
Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. Wow! Glad you found us both. Looking forward to meeting you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, if you have any questions feel free to ask any one of us and hope to see you in the verse soon :smiley:

Welcome Grizz from a fellow new member.

Welcome to ADI Grizz Glade to have u part of the org

Welcome to ADI