Hello all

I am a massive gamer with way to much time on my hands I have had star citizen for a year but never really picked it up, however with it starting to turn into a EVE online with better graphics I thought I would choose now to start. Firstly my name is Alistair I am from the UK aged 22. my name is Hopps due to the fact I am often described as insane by friends (Mature but insane) And my usual online handle of “Gentleman bunny” is too long and sounds bad as a call sign. I will respond to most thing Ali, alistair,hopps,bunny or whatever nickname I get given. Look forward to playing with you all and becoming a member of the community.

Welcome to ADI Sirhopps glad to have u part of the org

Welcome to ADI were glad to have you onboad =D

Welcome sir, and always remember to Hop onto Mumble when you play. We look forward to gaming with you.