I was contacted by ADI as i joined Star Citizen and with big surprise I noticed there is so much work behind it.
I will hopefully find in ADI an organisation that will put my combat abilities at work and that will fit my team spirit.

Welcome to ADI, Aunatar. When you get some time complete our application steps and hop into mumble for an onboarding.

Hi Aunatar and welcome to ADI! Hope to catch you on Mumble soon!

Welcome Aunatar,

Glad you’re here. I hope your onboarding goes well. ADI is a great place to be. Let us know if you have any questions. See you around soon hopefully

Welcome to ADI we are always looking for more combat pilots.

Hi Aunatar,

Welcome to ADI! We have a pretty great community of people here, and they put some incredible work into the org. Its sounds like you may want to sign up with Fleet Sec during if combat is your main focus. Hope to see you in mumble soon.

Welcome to ADI, Aunatar! I’m glad that you appreciate the level of detail that goes into the org. It is what attracted me and has kept me here. The people here are genuinely friendly and social. There are lots of experienced players and you definitely add to that. See you on discord and mumble!

Hello Aunatar welcome to ADI, feel free to come join us on Mumble and hang out, there’s always something going on, if you have any question or need help just ask, see you in the Verse’

Hello Aunatar, welcome to ADI! We definitely have a lot of team spirit here, and I suspect your combat abilities will be put to good use with us. If you have any questions please let us know, PMs are always welcome. Glad to have you on the team!

Welcome to ADI Aunatar this is a great place to learn and grow in the game. We have many people that have been working hard in game and out to help our members do the best that they can jump in to the PU with us and join some of the conversations in mumble and I’m sure you will be enjoying the game to it’s fullest. see you around.

Hello! Welcome to the ORG (ADI) :slight_smile:

I enjoyed talking with you and hope you join us eventually in game.

DO PLEASE join us in the persistent universe. We need to introduce you to the fun things we can do :slight_smile:

Welcomed ADI is definitely the place to find some fun combat experience, feel free to join mumble and look me up always down to fly. Feel free to ask questions Star citizen can be pretty intimidating.