Hi all - just joined the Org.

New pilot on Star Citizen - had a referral 2 years ago and finally taken the plunge.

I have a Sabre and a Mustang alpha atm!

Looking forward to flying with you soon!

welcome welcome

Hi R4bler,

Welcome to ADI! Great ships you got wanna see dogfight combat? :stuck_out_tongue: Is you handle pronounced Rabler?

Bye Changenl

Thanks guys - prob easier to shorten to R4! (It’s actually my car reg number :laughing: )

Sorry I didn’t get much of a chance to post a full intro last night, It was late and I was rushing before heading off to bed. I’m from the UK, mid 30s and have 3 boys

I’m just starting to get to grips in AC mode with dog fighting, I’m finding the physics a little different to my previous experience of space flight and it has been a long time (Tie Fighter back in the mid 90s!!) and flight sims (F22 lightning II, B17 flying fortress). I got back into flight games after getting a free copy of Simple Planes earlier this year.

I’m currently using Mouse and Keyboard, but should be getting a stick soon and moving to a HOJAM build and poss then onto a twin stick. I’m fond of the T 16000m at the moment and may have asked Santa for one…

Current ships:
Aegis Sabre - 4x S3 Gimbal with Badgers and stock missile loadout. I’m going to try Sledge II next though. Might even give 2 S4 missiles a try.
Mustang Alpha - Stock, may move to Aegis Avenger Titan for reserve / cargo duties… Or a Hull A…

Hi, R4 maybe R4D4 as suggestion :laughing: . Look like you fought your wars in sims before great. Got myself two kids I am mid 40’s and still smiling about the 3.0 experience earlier. Epic! :smiley:

Welcome to ADI R4 it sounds like you have a great start to your fleet I have a M16000 hotas setup and love it. the stick is a little light on the buttons but the throttle makes up for it a little. Just ask around and you can get the opinions of our members everyone has a setup that they prefer see you around

Hi R4bler, thank you for the detailed intro. yes, i love my dogfighter ships too. My saber is at the top of that list. I go for the nongimbled panthers myself. I have the t16000 stick and throttle too, love the setup. we have a lot of guys willing to assist you in getting that setup.