Been playing SC for over 2 years now and now that I have completed my PC build and bought a couple more ships I’m looking for a more organized group to play with once the content for it is released. So far I have the Aurora LN, Freelancer Max, Constellation Pheonix and the X1 Force Edition. Looking into getting maybe the esparia Prowler or the one man miner next depending on how 3.0 makes me feel.

I think I would like to focus on exploration and my ground pounding skills right now but not sure on where I will end up long term.

Welcome!! Onboarding you now :smiley:

Welcome RagingPestilence,

Glad you join ADI, fly safe with us, join us in training and have fun with us.
See you soon in the bar at port olisar

Hello RagingPestilence. Welcome to ADI.

Star Citizen is the game to build a PC for. :wink: What components did you use? I always enjoy hearing about other’s hardware.

You’ve also got a pretty good lineup for ships. A good variety that should be able to handle just about anything.

Hello RagingPestilence,

It’s exciting that you’re joining ADI! Welcome. Congrats on getting your build done. I can relate to that experience. I like to buy a part every few weeks before I get things all the way done. 3.0 will be an awesome time to join as there is much content to explore together. All the best as you get settled in here at ADI

Welcome to ADI RagingPestilence.

Sounds like you are excited about 3.0 I know I am. I see you just finished building you new PC hope it is everything you dreamed of. I was curious what other games you enjoy playing. A lot of us dabble in a few different things while we wait for 3.0 to flesh out. Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks again for joining ADI.

Welcome to ADI RagingPestilence, nice to see someone excited about 3.0 joining ADI we will have a lot to do and keep us busy if you see us in game feel free to jump in and have some fun.

So far I’m really enjoying this org as someone is always online and available. Mostly just been trolling through the forums reading up on everyone’s theory crafting, hopefully a lot of what I have seen actually makes it into the game. Been getting back into PUBG alot as I just got a group of co-workers to finally get it and I’m waiting for the new desert map to be released. Thought about getting back into ARK since I feel like it would probably be more enjoyable as part of an org so every big group doesn’t just come by and destroy my 5 hours of work in 2 minutes lol. Other than those just been playing a bunch of VR games (Oculus Rift) which is the big reason behind the new build. Really looking forward to 3.0 as I figure that’s when the ball will start rolling to do the training and earn as many certs as I possibly can.

Spent a lot of time/$$ on this build and pretty satisfied with what I have gotten done with it so far. My old rig I had to play SC on low setting and the difference it makes when you can crank everything to ultra is just amazing.

Case: Thermaltake T900 (Monster of a case)
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Extreme
Processor: Intel I7-6700K @ 4GHz
CPU cooling: 2 seperate custom EK water loops (one for GPU’s and other for Proc)
Ram: 32 GB DDR4 Dominator Platinum
Video card: Zotac Articstorm 1080 (2 cards in SLI)
Power Supply: Thermaltake HX1000i
SSDs: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB m.2, 2 Samsung 960GB enterprise SSD’s
OS: win 10 pro

Welcome to ADI RagingPestilence. It is always good to meet a fellow explorer and if you decided to go the ground pounding route. well we can never have too many of those either! Fly safe and I will see you around the 'verse!

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries RagingPestilence!

Awesome another PUBG player to join our ranks! I am out of town until next week, but I will be sure to try and get some chicken dinners with you when i get back. If you are ever playing PUBG or looking to play, make sure you are hanging out in the Member Created Channels/PUBG channel on Mumble, people will come join you.

See you around the island, and hopefully soon™ the verse!