hi all!
my name is Ante or “renter” in SC, i’m aircraft engineer coming from Croatia.
I spend my gaming time on Arma and IL2-BoX, rarely in SC but that will change once 3.0 is out.
Thank you for invitation!

Hi Ante, or Renter!

Welcome! I made quite a few friends from Croatia back in my college days, would love to get out there some day :slight_smile: Aircraft engineering sounds super cool too, I see how that translates to Arma and SC!

Looking forward to seeing you in Star Citizen once we get 3.0 out, a lot of us are excited to get to work!


Welcome to ADI, renter. Sitting in on your onboarding now.

Welcome to ADI Renter! I look forward to getting to know you on Mumble and flying with you. See you around!

Hello Renter,

Welcome, and glad to have you with us! I look forward to chatting on mumble and seeing you in game more once 3.0 is out. I know I’ll be on a lot more too once 3.0 is out. Best wishes to you!

Hello Renter,
Welcome to ADI! It is nice to have you with us. So many of us are waiting for 3.0 to come. Take advantage of our servers and getting to know other players. Also check out our other supported games, ARK and Hellion. Hope to see you online.

great guys here i see!
thank you all for welcome me, it is great to be part of this organisation, i will join to get familiar a bit more with SC FM and features on 28t …see you up there folks!