Welcome aboard ChrisCarstens! Short and sweet in your message here, but make sure you get in mumble and get to know the folks in ADI as much as possible. The more we know and learn about each other the more successful we will be when 3.0 drops soon. Look forward to seeing and speaking with you. :smiley:

Yes, I think you win the shortest post contest. LOL Welcome to ADI. What division are you interested in? Hope to see you on mumble and see you around the verse.

Hi ChrisCarstens,

Welcome! Let us know if you have any questions.

ChrisCarstens, Welcome to ADI.
It’s great having you here. Tell us more about yourself. What are you looking forward top in Star Citizen?
We have many members here with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Take advantage. PM me if you need anything. See you out there…

Hello ChrisCarstens

welcome to ADI.

Join us in discord and mumble and check our events at the weekend. Im glad you join us and

see you somewhere in the verse.