Hello I’m new to this org and I’ve followed star citizen on and off since 2014

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Fernalwrath!

Thank you for being understanding with our naming conventions. It was good getting to talk with you briefly and you seemed like a cool and relaxed guy. What division did you end up going with? I hope you made the right decision and joined the best one!

Hey there Fernalwrath and welcome to the ADI family

Glad to have you onboard with us.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Greetings from Switzerland

Hi FernalWrath, and welcome to the Org! We’re glad to have you with us.

It’s always nice when long-time backers join the Org, it adds a lot to our member depth and collective experience. What role do you think you will be filling? I’m a space trucker myself (C+T) and can’t wait to start hauling Big Benny’s across the 'Verse.

If you ever have any issues please feel free to hop on Mumble or reach out to me directly.

I would also encourage you to join us every Friday for our flight nights, they are great for meeting other members and learning how the Org operates in flights.

Again, welcome! See you in the 'Verse!

Welcome aboard!

Hi everyone
First off.
Its nice of yall to say hello I applicate it so thank you all
As to the “Profession” I chose I picked C+T but that’s subject to change if the game keeps growing like it is I got the multipurpose Constellation bc I cant pick just one think to do ya know

All See you all in the Verse I’m sure
( MDT time zone )