Just a quick hello from me. My name is David. I’m a 37 yo guy from Scotland in the UK. I’ve just joined ADI and looking forward to playing SC as part of a good group of guys/gals that ADI appears to be.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year. I just treated myself to an upgrade from the basic Aurora LX to the Avenger Stalker. I really shouldn’t buy another but tempted by a Gladius.

Catch you guys in the verse soon!

Hi and welcome aboard young man. :laughing:


I realise I’m not the oldest however I feel old!! 37 going on 75!

Do iiiiit. Honestly, the Avenger is an amazing ship, and if it’s what you can afford, or if it’s all you want to afford, you really won’t be disappointed. That said, the Gladius is amazing, but be forewarned, it’s not an easy ship to master. Blackouts are looming at every turn, and the loadout is a bit underwhelming for a ship only capable of shooting. Your ability to maneuver is what will win you fights.

Finally, there’s not a ship in the game that we don’t have. If you want to help crew one, there will always be a warm welcome from a captain showing you to your bunk. Never worry about not owning something on your own.

Welcome to ADI!