Hello Everybody

Just joined a few nights ago and wanted to say thanks for letting me coming onboard.

I was curious if there is anyone out there experimenting with multi crew dogfighting with the Super Hornet, Gladiator, or Cutlass? I know there are certification programs (sadly I haven’t found a list of any current offerings and what training they entail) and was curious on training with others on:

  1. piloting a ship to maximize my gunner’s performance
  2. being a gunner

After citizencon presentation I am really excited for multi-crew flight and want to be prepared for the first few weeks of PTU.

Again, pleasure meeting all of you, and hopefully see you all in game.


Welcome aboard mate! Sadly, there just isn’t enough of the game yet to have any of this training released, though it is in the works. I can’t say when this training will be ready and out either, since that’s solely based on senior leadership’s thoughts and decisions and the timeline on which CIG releases game material for the Persistent Universe.

Hi, welcome aboard.

Welcome to the family :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Howrt