I just downloaded SC Saturday evening. Sunday I received an invite from ADI. Thank you. I am a life long gamer, first system was a Pong/ Breakout console in 1978. My sim experience is limited, FSX. I first discovered SC about a month ago and realized this is every game I’ve always wanted to play in one, so I’m starting small. I purchased a Mustang with aspirations of growing. Being an old Marine I like everything I see on your site and look forward to playing/working with you all.

Welcome aboard Dragon! We’re glad to have you onboard. Thank you for your service!

Star Citizen sure does have ton of potential. :slight_smile: You should have a lot of fun in Asset Protection.

Welcome aboard Atlas,

I’m new also. From what I’ve seen ADI is excellent and you’re right to have chosen us as your primary organization. In the Big Black, one can’t have too many friends.

Xenobiologist- Exploration and Survey Division