Hello! (W9)

Hey Guys,

I’ve signed on with the crew, and am looking forward to playing, especially with 3.0 coming “soon”. Well, I’ve accepted an invite on the RSI website, and filled out an application, anyway.

I actually backed SC during the original kickstarter, but I’ve stayed out of the loop until recently. I’m a big fan of space sims, and flight sims as well. Many fond memories of playing the crap out of a bunch of Freespace Open mods and custom campaigns. I’m looking forward to boning up on flying technique, hopefully to competitive levels, and to flying with a coordinated formation with a common mission.

Not completely sure what division I’m joining yet. I’ve requested Fleet Security air wing, but honestly, it seems like that’s all there is to do so far anyway. Maybe when the game is more developed, something else will catch my fancy. I’ve got a Cutlass (well, an avenger and a cutlass CCU which I haven’t used yet), and a Gladius, which I’m looking to trade up to a Sabre when that’s possible.

Let’s have some fun on our way to the top,

Welcome aboard

Hi WonderNine,

Welcome to ADI! That’s great you have a few ships in your fleet already, and have been following the game since the original kickstarter. ADI is an awesome org with a great community and many ways to stay actively involved. Be sure to check out our calendar and hop on mumble for Friday Flight Nights. Like you said, 3.0 is coming out so that should be exciting for all of us as we grow together in our piloting abilities. All the best

Hello WonderNine. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like you’ve been around the block for a while. Glad you finally decided to join up. We’re all hoping 3.0 is right around the corner, but with CIG you never know. Fleet Security is a great division to join. As primarily a cargo pilot, I definitely will need people like you watching my back.

Sounds like you’ve got a couple good ships to get started with out of the gate. Let me know if you ever need a turret gunner.

hey W9, welcome to ADI. Great intro thanks for taking the time to say hello. make sure you watch our calendar on the website for official operations. if you have time on Fridays that’s about the best time to fly with a group in the pu. here is a link to our brevity so you can familiarize yourself with our comm talk and terms. viewtopic.php?f=7&t=498

Hey W9, nice to meet you!

(Cutlass buddies!)

Welcome WonderNine,
Another brother in FS! Awesome to have you man. Don’t feel restricted to FS due to content atm. There are a lot of creative things/missions our Cargo guys come up with. I personally own a Caterpillar and absolutely love drive that BIG slug!
Also, I love my Sabre, but I would hang on to that Gladius. They are getting an weapon upgrade in 3.0 and unless they re-balance the shields it’s on the same level as the Hornet (other than the 2 versus 4 face disadvantage, but has the same health pool). It’s also still one the most maneuverable fighter’s available.
Hope to see you in that beautiful cutlass soon, all the best!

Welcome to ADI W9 I’m glad you joined us it sounds like you have the team player attitude that we are looking for at ADI and I look forward to learning and flying with you.

Salutations WonderNine,

Thanks for joining ADI and welcome! I think we are all anticipating 3.0 so we can dive into more of the Star Citizen verse. I was wondering what other games you enjoy playing as of late? Hope you are having a great weekend and look forward to flying with you in the verse.