Hello Verse (by Dinadell)

Hello Verse. I’m Dinadell. Nice to meet you all!
I have been an avid gamer since a very young age. Many things have drawn me to star citizen. I loved to draw space ships when I was a kid and would spend hours pouring over elaborate designs. Now I am a bit more grown up (I’m 26 to be exact), but still very much interested in creating and being part of fantastic worlds, which is what drew me to gaming in the first place (mostly rpgs).
As a philosopher (I have studied philosophy for quite some time now and written countless papers) I am also interested in the technical aspects of star citizen. I have written much about to future of AI from a cognitive and ethical perspective and such topics as procedural generation and sci-fi in general are of great interest to me.
My application here is for your Division of Private Contract Services. My experience and particular set of skills which I have acquired during my training the army and the arduous time I have spent being trained to become an army officer (with the rank of second lieutenant atm.) will no doubt be of an added value to Atlas Defense Industries.
I am looking forward to meeting all of you and spending time more time with you in the verse.
Tonight or tomorrow night I will try to find time to hop onto mumble so I can hopefully be fully on boarded by your community representatives.

Kind greetings


Welcome Aboard Dinadell!

What a great introduction post, and I can see the knowledge and wisdom behind your words. I’m Lexton, one of the resident prospects here in ADI. If you have any questions about the organization, Star Citizen, or just need some technical advise. Please feel free to reach out to me via the PM System here within the forums. With that said, you seem to have a well rounded head on your shoulders and know exactly which direction you will be going within the verse. With your background, I believe you will go far within Atlas Defense Industries and look forward to seeing your career here grow.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Dinadell!

Thank you for the warm welcome dear Lexton :slight_smile:

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Dinadell!

Thank you for taking the time to go through your onboarding with me today and welcome to PCS, glad to have a new Information Agent in our ranks! Let me know if you have any follow up questions or if there is anything else you need to know, otherwise I will see you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI and PCS division.

Hi Dinadell,

Welcome to the org! Civilian here so I might learn a few things from you!

Bye Changenl

Greetings: Welcome to Atlas

First I want to thank you for your service, My Twin Brother is a SGT first class in the Army so I appreciate all you do and what all Our Veterans do for My Country.

IMO You picked the best Org in the game, they are active, friendly, knowledgeable so if you have any questions their is plenty of help:)

Welcome aboard.

Captain Kern:

Thank you for that nice intro post Dinadell. welcome to the org. so what job did you pick in Private Contract Services?

Welcome Dinadell,
It’s good to have you with us. Thanks for joining us. That’s awesome you have such a long experience in gaming, I’m somewhat the same. I love philosophy! I’m working on grad and post-grad stuff that’s more historical but touches on a lot of philosophical materials. I see you’re joining PCS, that’s a great division. There are a nice group of guys there, I’m sure you’ll like it. I hope to see you around, all the best

Welcome to ADI Dinadell it sounds like you have a lot to offer and contribute to ADI I’m glad you chose to hang your hat with us we have a great group to play with and wait with. I will look forward to meeting you in game, see you around

Welcome Aboard Dinadell! I am Marcko, one of the ADI Staff Prospects, hope you enjoy your stay here, if I can be of any assistance pm me here or look me up on Mumble, once again welcome to Atlas Defense Industries, see you in the Verse’