Hello to everyone

Hey everyone, Its great to meet you all. I’m looking forward to learning from you guys and having lots of fun on this game. Lets get out there and explore the final frontier.

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Hey there Cryo and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries and to Star Citizen as a whole!

Hi @SokeCryo Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI SokeCryo. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome to ADI! I look forward to seeing you about in the Verse

Hey Cryo, Welcome to ADI. It Was fun playing with you and teaching you some stuff last night I hope to see you in the verse again soon!!!

Hey there SokeCryo! Welcome to ADI - I’m guessing you are into the exploration side of things at the moment in game? If so, have you checked out any caves yet? Good to have you onboard - see you in the verse soon :slight_smile:

Hey Cryo,

Good meeting you last night! I heard youre doing commerce and transportation as well!

Hi SokeCryo and Welcome to ADI,

I personally can’t wait for Pyro do drop and explore a new system with other ADI members.

Also be sure to check our calendar for the next event that might interest you, they are very well organised and are good fun and also a very way to get to know other ADI members too.

Anyways, once again welcome to ADI and see you in the verse.

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