Hello there

Hi, my names Marc, I go by Rayzer11Six in games. I’ve been looking at Star Citizen for a while and finally got it last week. I always liked exploration/action games although Star Citizen is definitely the biggest I’ve played. I’m from Australia and I’m looking forward playing Star Citizen with ADI.

Hey Rayzer,

Always good to see interest from Australia! You’ll definitely be able to find lots of folks online at various hours of the day to play Star Citizen with.

What’s your cup of tea?

Hey Rayzer,

Is this a duplicate account? Don’t worry we can sort it out. Welcome to ADI.

Welcome Rayzer11Six!

It still blows my mind thinking about how rich the universe in Star Citizen feels already, despite being just part of a single system at present. I’m really excited about the possibilities the hybrid procedurally generated + hand-placed universe will offer, especially for exploration.

I hope to see you on mumble or in-game soon!

Hey Rayzer11Six! Welcome to ADI. It sounds like you are getting to know our staff pretty well with updating your name. We are pretty particular about names matching but the good news is that it is a one time set up as long as you dont change anything later. Get on mumble and get to know everyone else. I am looking forward to testing 3.1 with you. See you soon!

Welcome to ADI Rayzer11Six! We’re glad to have you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. What aspects of Star Citizen are you most interested in? What profession(s) do you think you’d like to pursue?

Hello and welcome!

Scale-wise SC isn’t quite the biggest out there (yet) but I look forward to when they get the “foundation” of the game entirely finished and it gets expanded quickly, especially into other solar systems. Hyped!


Hi Rayzer,

Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you onboard, hope to get a chance to talk with you soon.