Hello teammates!

Hi there! WelshHawk here! I’m stoked to be part of ADI. Looking forward to doing Fleet Escort and Exploration. See you in training!



Welcome aboard!

Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you don’t miss out on activities!


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Thanks! Will do. I dove into Mission Support for the upcoming SAR opportunities. Looking forward to contributing however I can. I’ll be checking out the certification docs between 30Ks.

glad your excited to be here, What drew you to ADI?

Hope you find what your looking for here. ADI runs on these forum pages and a few discord posts. Now we even have event calendar running on discord but SIGN UP for things here on the forums.

We offer org ops and training events weekly with alternating EU/NA timezones.

See you in mumble.

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It was largely the disdain for pirating. I wanted to join some kind of group that exuded organization but wasn’t geared toward griefing and ganking. ADI seems to fit in with what I was looking for to a T.

I’m reading through the ops training and standardization now. I really like what you’ve all put together.




Welcome to ADI! if you have any questions reach out, other that see you in the verse

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Yeah, @WelshHawk

The impression I got is that you’re particularly like-minded with certain folk on staff here.

Hope you stick around a long while so you can meet them.

Check out the calendar on the ADI site so you maybe the All Hands meeting in April.


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