Hello, SwordfishIV reporting for duty!

Hey guys! Up and coming Star Citizen player just looking for a home to belong to, or a cause to exist for.

Hey Swordfish! Hopefully you find this org a home to belong to. What kind of game play are you most excited in Star Citizen?

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries SwordfishIV!

It sounds like you joined the Private Contract Services division, what interests you the most about what they do, or what are you looking to do out in the verse, once the game is released?

Hi SwordfishIV,

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! Catch you soon on mumble and great you picked up SC!

Bye Changenl

Welcome to ADI SwordfishIV you have found a great home filled with great gamers to play with jump in the PU or any other game that people are playing anytime to meet them.