Hello Peeps

Hi, I’m the new guy who just got into Star Citizen and thought it’d be nice to actually have people to play such a vast game with. One thing though I messed up my moniker, Mindwalker211 is my Steam tag but my Star citizen tag is Redcliffe so my bad. I’ m in Florida so im usually on later in the day and game till early in the morning. I’m also new to this whole Forums thing so dont be to harsh on my lack of tact.

Welcome to ADI Redcliffe It was great talking with you I will see you in the game.


Welcome aboard Redcliffe!

I am new here too, but think you found a great group to join.

What parts of the game most interest you?

What part of Florida are you in?
I was stationed at Pensacola for two years and visited Miami and Daytona once.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Redcliffe!

Which division did you join or what are you most excited for in SC?

Welcom, Redcliffe.

I only logged on for the first time a couple of months ago, myself. It took me about a week or two to go looking for an org and I ran across ADI. The rules suit my personality, so I signed on.

I have to say that out of the time that I’ve spent actually logged into SC, the best evenings by far have been the ones where I was able to get together with a small group of ADI peeps on the same server and do some stuff together.

Look us up when you’re on. Add people to your in-game contacts (follow them through your account page on the RSI site) so you can link up in-game.