Hello, nice to meet you.

Hello, my name is Luis, I received a mail inviting me to join your fleet, from reading your rules and vision for this organization it sounds like a cool place to be a part off, thanks for the invite!

Welcome to ADI, Renderluz. When you get a chance hop on into mumble and start your onboarding.

Hello luis :wink:

hi Renderluz a warm welcome to awesome ADI! Which division did you join and what role you’re interested in? Myself in Fleet Services (FS).

Hello Renderiuz. Welcome to ADI.

Glad to see you saw our rules and liked what you saw. That was part of what drew me to ADI originally as well. Have you had a chance to try out 3.0 yet in the PTU? I’ve seen many of our members posting interesting information coming out of there.

Let me know if you need someone to fly with, or if you’ve got any questions.

Hi Renderluz,

It’s great having you here. I’m glad you saw our invite and decided to check it out! Be sure to checkout our forums, calendar, and mumble. These are all great ways to become immersed in the community and get to know the members better. All the best

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Renderluz!

Glad that we could help with some of your questions and provide input back on the conversations you started in some other threads. Sounds like you are as jazzed up about SC as we all are. See you around the verse!