Hello new

hello my names petpen new here hope to have fun and help out

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Welcome to ADI! This is a great place to make friends and have a good time

Welcome aboard, @petpen !

Just some day 1 advice:
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


Welcome aboard ADI! You have joined up with a great group of players. Like Cy4r said stay active in Mumble and you can see how great everyone is. Hope to see you in the verse soon!

Welcome to ADI @petpen !! If you ever want to get into cargo trading hit me up on the discord or mumble! See you in the verse!!!

Welcome aboard there Petpen! See you in the verse and on mumble.

Hey Petpen! I know we connected briefly on mumble yesterday, but I just wanted to reach out here as well to welcome you to ADI! Hopefully we’ll be able to run our Hull A’s on some missions together soon!

Hey @petpen! It might seem a little overwhelming at first but we all started somewhere, so just let any of us know if you have any questions or need any help and we’ll gladly oblige :smiley:


Welcome to ADI and look forward to seeing you in the verse!

:wave: Welcome, Petpen! :star2: We’re delighted to have you join us.