hello new to the game looking forward to meeting new friends

hello new to the game

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI, tincorner64! You are in the right place to learn more about the game. Most of the guys here are very friendly and helpful. The game is a ton of fun when you have people to play with. Get on mumble and play with us sometime. See you around!

Welcome to ADI, Tincorner64! Plenty of people around to show you the ropes or help ya out.

Welcome to ADI, good group of folks here, if you have questions, hop on Mumble/Discord and fire away, always get an answer. Hope to catch in the verse…

Welcome to ADI and the Verse Tincorner64 :slight_smile:

Lots of friends to find here and you will soon find your way in the game.

Welcome to ADI tincorner64, if you need anything feel free to ask, the initial learning curve can be steep for some

Welcome Tincorner64!

To reiterate the above, there is a wide, friendly and global community here at ADI, if you have any questions or want some company out in the verse, please just ask :slight_smile:

Welcome to the org, you pick a great time to join cause we got Hurston a new planet and 4 moons =D

Hello Tincorner64,
I hope you’ll join us for some shenanigans! We have a group doing something most nights. See you around the verse!

Welcome tincorner - everyone was new at some point - glad to have you! Is there anything your looking forward to trying out in the verse?