Hello New player

I go by Dougy or Doug :slight_smile: Just saying hello o7

Welcome Aboard Dougy!

I am Lexton one of your resident Prospects here in Atlas Defense Industries. If you do have any questions for me… please reach out to me via the PM System here on the forums as that’s the best way to reach out to me. I am conformable to answer any questions you might have about the Organization, Divisions, Star Citizen and any Technical Questions you might have.

Again Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries Dougy!

Welcome Dougy,
It was a pleasure on-boarding you tonight.

Hello Dougy! I am Marcko one of the ADI Prospects, welcome aboard, if you have any questions or are looking for someone to fly with feel free to PM me here… take care!

Greetings: Doug and Welcome to ADI, may I ask what field or department are you considering for a career?

Captain Kern:

welcome Dougy, was good to meet you in the onboarding, looking forward to flying with you in that ptu. :slight_smile:

Hi Dougy, Welcome to ADI! What division did you join? I joined FS. C u around mate! Bye Changenl

Welcome Dougy,

It’s good to have you here with us. I’m glad you found your way to ADI. I trust you’ll find everyone helpful if you have any questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask. 3.0 is offering us a lot to explore and experience, I hope you get to know some of our members by flying with them. I’m looking forward to seeing you around. Best wishes

Welcome to ADI Doug, if you have any questions about settling into ADI send me a message we have a lot of info to spread around I will see you around.