Hello - new member SlicingKnife

Hi mates,
I’m SlicingKnife,
I’m 66yo not yet retired IBM programmer lives in NewHampshire USA and plays Elite and StarCitizen couple times each week. I’m not very good at this but I have loads of fun anyway.

I look forward to meeting you all in the black.

Welcome to the team SlicingKnife, I think this is most certainly the right group to have fun with regardless of anyone’s skill level. Have fun.

Welcome to ADI. It’s great to have you here, and I think that you’ll fit right in. It seems like 90% of skill in the game is just playing it, so I think you’d give yourself more credit. If you ever need a wingman, send me an invite.

See you in the verse.

Thanks guys. I’m confident I’ll have more fun when I’m not alone and this corp seems perfect.

I’ve learned in my intro to corp meeting that I’ll want to follow ‘chain of command’ when asking about some corp stuff, so is there a way I can see who is next above me?

Nevermind … doh. I found it easy.

Hi SlicingKnife.

It was good talking with you yesterday. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Welcome! Mind sharing what you work on at IBM? I work with a mainframe from them occasionally at work myself.

Hello SlicingKnife, welcome to ADI! We’re glad to have you aboard!

Welcome to ADI, SlicingKnife! I love your forum profile picture. Great movie! We are happy to have you join us and there is a lot to test out in 3.1. I hope to see you in the game and on mumble helping us test out all of the new stuff. See you around!

The firm I’m with, now 16 yrs, has been hoping I would help the MVC architecture team more and want to keep working. I’m too deeply vested in IBM Enterprise Integrator/Domino/Websphere to get on that other bandwagon. Besides, I work too many hours now and I’m past the time when I should retire.

I need more time to play Star Citizen and fly at Ludicrous Speed!