Hello Im new player

I just got the game am looking forward to playing. I’m interested in the FPS of the game as well as ship combat. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey Rain! Welcome to Atlas and to Star Citizen! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Verse of SC in general and ADI in particular! Sounds like you are interested in being a marine with us!

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Yes! :slight_smile: I sure am

Hey, RainWolf93,

Welcome to ADI. You’re in for some good gaming, join us on Mumble, and look forward to flying with you.

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Hello RainWolf93

Welcome to ADI. I feel more secure knowing we have more people in the defence force :wink:.

Look forward to seeing you out there…


Welcome aboard Rainwolf93, glad to have you with us. What ships do you currently traverse the verse?

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Welcome to ADI RainWolf93 :slight_smile:

We have a lot of active members that can help you learn you way in the game.
Just hop on Mumble and Discord to join up and fly with people.

See you in the Verse!

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So i only have one and its the Aurora mr

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No harm with the MR. It will take you where you want.

Welcome to ADI RainWolf63, loook forward to flying and shooting with you soon.

Hello Rainwolf and welcome to ADI! You will find plenty of FPS and Ship action, here. We offer certification in FPS and a number of other areas. Its a great start and a excellent way to get introduced to the ORG and its personnel. See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI - FPS is something I didn’t dream about when I backed the KS. It’s pretty cool how far this game has come.

Welcome! I’m a fan of the FPS combat as well. If you want to tag team some fps missions hit me up and I can break down some of the mechanics and gear for you.

Welcome, Rainwolf93! We are happy to have new players join. Hopefully the FPS gameplay improves and we have more AI targets to fight against. For now, all we have are bunker and Koreah missions. FPS in star marine can be fun, too. There are plenty of ships in the org for you to fly and you will find that most members are more than happy to share. Again, welcome to ADI.

If you ever want to try out any of the ships currently in verse just ask around. As with most helpful things most if not all member are willing to let you try out their ships. No cost even!

Hey Rainwolf,

Welcome to ADI and look forward to great adventures!

Greetings RainWolf93,

Welcome to the best org in Star Citizen, we are glad to have you. I hope to see you in game sometime soon. If you need help with anything just let me know.


Welcome aboard, Rain! Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to ADI and SC RainWolf93, we are always in the look for some good pilots so learn those skills and we are always here to help. See you in the verse.