Hello I'm Evaer

Hey guys I’m new to the Star Citizen universe and looking to explore and fight with everyone, Hope to see you all in space! :smiley:

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Evening Evaer! Welcome to the expanding Universe of Star Citizen and to our Org! Ask away if you have questions or need backup out in the 'Verse be it on Discord, Mumble, or here on the Forums!

Welcome to ADI!

Hi Evaer, and Welcome to ADI,

Check the calendar on our website to see the next event that will interest you, they are all really well organised and fun to participate in.

See you in verse and once again welcome.

Greetings Evaer, welcome to ADI! You can fly top cover for me on my cargo runs anytime - see you in the verse soon! :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Evaer. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your joining ADI’s weekly mining exercise sometime.

Welcome to ADI! Looking forward to seeing you about the Verse soon with us

Evaer, what are you flying and what are your aspirations for housing in your hanger?

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