Hello I'm a old member but jusy getting started.

Hello Atlas defense, I tried to contact head of operations inside of TS but i see you have move to mumble, I understand TS coast.
But any way I try to keep in contact with you guys just to let you know i am still interested in this ORG. I hope you still have room for me.

Welcome back Wholearmor. Just hop on the mumble server when you have time. The instructions for how to get it all set up are here. atlasdefenseindustries.com/imag … eSetup.pdf

Hope to see you online soon, and good to see you back around.

Thank you very much I’ll get on this right away.

I had a 500+ man teamspeak for 5$ a month…


Legally, I doubt it.

You can get a free license for Teamspeak for a 512 slot server… if you host it yourself. But, you can’t go any larger without paying lots of money.

Also I doubt a $5 a month VPS would have been able to handle the traffic we see sometimes on the weekends today, let alone when the game goes live.

Yeah that’s why I was linking this price tab, since he said 500+ (so more than 500), which means the free license are not available for these sizes.