Hello i am EVRID

Hello Everyone,

I am brand new in the game, but willing to learn.

I am 38 years old from Peru, been playing all type of games all my life.

See you in Space


Welcome to ADI! If you’re willing to learn, we are willing to teach :slight_smile: Look forward to flying with you. See you in the verse!

Hi EVIRD and welcome to ADI! There’s a lot to learn and it’s a blast to play. See you out there :slight_smile:

Excelente thats what i need some teaching of course!


Thank you see you out there!!!

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Hi Evird, Welcome to ADI, Glad you are here, this is a great group to learn from, there are a lot of people here with a wealth of knowledge and willing to teach. This group makes the game a lot more enjoyable and makes you feel not alone in the universe :slight_smile: see you in the verse.

Welcome EVIRD! ADI is full of great people active in all areas of the game. Anything you need we have someone that can help you learn!

Hi! Welcome to ADI! If you see me online, dont hesitate to message me with any questions, or even if you just wanna fly together sometime! See ya around!

Hi EVIRD, welcome to ADI.

Hi and welcome to ADI!
Nicer to have you with us =) If you want to team up, have any questions or just want to hang out, make sure to hop on to mumble =)
I hope to see you in the verse soon =)

Welcome to ADI EVIRD,

We live in different timezones but if you see me on mumble feel free to shoot questions etc. my way. :slight_smile:


Welcome EVIRD, it’s a great time to start and learn. Everything is coming in piecemeal so it’ll be easier to learn. Hope to see you around.


Welcome to ADI and glad you found an org to be apart of.

Keep checking the forums for any org ops and training that interests you.

see you in the verse.

Welcome aboard, Evird. Nice talking with you in mumble the other night. See you in the 'verse, maybe we can team up and do some missions.

Hey mobius yes it was great to talk to you, see you in the verse and yes missions would be excellent.

Hallo Evird! Welcome to Star Citizen and to Atlas, it’s a good thing you’re ready to learn as theres always something new with each patch and you’re in the perfect place to ask questions or if you want someone to back you up all you have to do is ask around.

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