Hello! I am Blitz_Boi!

My name is Tanner, im a father of two and married to an amazing woman. I am a very competitive player. I currently put most of my time into Escape from Tarkov but was really wanting a game to sit back, relax, adventure and just be apart of something bigger! I hope to become an amazing addition to the team as I get to know most people within ADI and contribute my experience to the cause!

Welcome to ADI Tanner! We are happy to have you here and hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome Blitz_Boi; to ADI and to the Verse!

Welcome in @Blitz_Boi! Never played Escape from Tarkov but from the couple of streams I’ve watched, it looks like a fun game. Glad that you joined ADI and hope to see you in the verse!

Glad to have you with us BlitzBoi!

Welcome to ADI, Blitz! Glad to see you’re already active in Discord. That’s the best way to get to know the crew and start getting in on some group play. Hope to see you in the verse soon!

Hi Tanner, welcome to ADI! BEAR for the win :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to ADI Blitz_Boi, Escape from Tarkov is quite a fun game. Running around doing bunkers and hunting with other members of ADI was quite fun. Might be an area you enjoy coming from Tarkov.