Hello Guys

New Guy Here

Welcome to ADI Kasp3rnaut! Tell us a bit about yourself.

Welcome, KASP3RNAUT! Can’t wait to see you in the 'Verse!

Welcome Kasp3rnaut, look forward to flying with you. Great choice of orgs you made, you’ll find a bit of everything in ADI so whatever your interest- fighting, commerce, mining, or just chilling with some good folks- you’re in a good place.

Welcome to ADI Kasp3rnaut :slight_smile:

Hope to see you in the Verse!

Welcome KASP3RNAUT glad to have you here at ADI, hope to see you soon here in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI KASP3RNAUT!

Hope to see you around, and if you have questions feel free to reach out

Greetings Kasp3rnaut,

Welcome to the best organization in Star Citizen. Let me know if I can help out in anyway.


Welcome, KASP3RNAUT. ADI has plenty of fun things to do. What Division are you in?

Hello Kasp! Welcome to ADI and I hope you will find your new home to be of your liking! ADI has a lot to offer in training and OPs. I look forward to seeing you in the Verse!

Welcome, KASP3RNAUT, glad to see you made it through the Lobby after a few attempts, thanks for being persistent. It will be worth it. We’re really enjoying the game, and have groups of players who gather on a server to chat while enjoying groups or solo activities. Join us on Mumble when you get a chance to play.

Welcome Kasp3rnaut, glad yo see you make it. Know it took a few attempts. It was worth the trouble, I promise.

Hey Kas, welcome to Atlas :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI KASP3RNAUT. I’m glad to greet you to the team. There’s lots to do here so just jump into mumble and ask what’s going on. You quickly find out who’s mining, or carting, or fighting aerial combat and who’s looking for marines. Don’t be afraid to ask whatever questions come to mind. We were all beginners and a common theme in ADI is mentoring less experienced players [like me]. It’s a great org to be a part of, you’ll see.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to ADI @KASP3RNAUT!

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you with us =D