Hello from the flight deck

Hello, i’ve been following SC’s production for a few years now and just recently jumped in game. I took a look at the orgs and atlas seems to be a good fit. Looking forward to joining you all in game. Whether dropping into hostile territory to retake a settlement or some high speed ship boarding action clearing out pirate scum.

This is Gringo-36 signing out

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welcome to ADI can’t wait to fly with you and keep order in the galaxy!

Welcome, Gringo-36!

Hi Gringo, welcome to ADI. See you in Mumble!

Welcome to ADI Gringo-36. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to seeing you in game.

Hey Gringo, Welcome to the org. ADI has been great for me and have met a lot of awesome people. Jump into to Mumble and feel free to ask any member for a group up or help.

see you in the versee!

Heya Gringo, welcome aboard!

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