Hello from Sansmercy

Looking to jump into 3.0, I bought in about 2 years ago but with the latest news I’m pretty stoked to get back into the Verse.

Welcome Aboard Sansmercy!

Good to see you back after 2 years! Hope your onboarding process goes smoothly and if you have any questions about the Verse, Organization or life in general… feel free to hit me up via PM here on the forums.

Again, Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Hi Sansmercy,

Welcome to ADI. Which division will you join and in what role? C u in the verse!

Bye changenl

Hello Sansmercy. Welcome to ADI.

I think a lot of us are ready for a little 3.0 action. I know I’m ready to see what they offer for cargo experience. How about you, what do you want most from 3.0?