Hello from Luna

Hey, my name is Luna. I am 21 years and I am big into games. The games I play are Elite Dangerous, Overwatch, League of Legends, Mechwarrior, Squad, and much more. I am also currently in college studying in computer science and have a big interest in space.


Awesome! Welcome aboard!

More of a combat flyer or low/slow hauler?

Hi Luna, welcome to ADI. Which ship are you enjoying?

Welcome to ADI Luna!

Sorry to have ran pretty quick earlier, RL Duties! Hope you had a good time with the gang. Talk again soon I hope!

Welcome to ADI Luna. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s weekly mining exercises.

My favorite ship by far right now is an arrow.

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They’re so damn quick and hard to hit. Really I e to fly around in too.

I wanna practice dogfights against people. I wonder if I’de do any good. I’ve always had an affinity for picking things up quickly.


It depends on the situation, If I wanna make money Ill tend to do whatever pays most leaning toward the more relaxing jobs. With 30ks still around and bounties paying so well, I rather do combat than mining for trading. I’m also a big pvp player so I do lean into that a little more. In terms of group play Ide do anything :>

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I might try it out, its nice to meet you!

Welcome to ADI Luna!

Hey about that practicing dog fighting thing, I heard blue on blue (aka combat between friendlies is prohibited) but I’ll see what we can do to get us some action, and get us some training done between each other, so we can level up our combat skills. :ok_hand: :slight_smile: :+1:

Other then that, you should do well here, if you ever want someone to talk to or hangout with play some games, that we may be able to share in common, just hit me up on mumble or discord. :smiley:

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