Hello From Drezzal


Hello All, I’m Drezzal I am 48 yo have been part of SC since 2014. I have not been very active while RSI has been in Development with SC. But seem more playable now. So I’m Back. I’m in to Mining and Logistics.


Welcome to ADI Drezzal, Mining is soooo much fun with the org. Looking forward to seeing in you the verse very soon.


Welcome to ADI, Drezzal. Mining in my opinion is one of the more dangerous careers to get started in. It takes a delicate hand to not have rocks blow up in your face. Hope to see you with a few full loads of the good stuff. If you ever feel the need to get a buddy out there or some protection don’t hesitate to ask for one.


Later guys due to my five year old mining corp that was affiliated with goons from eve online i have been denied. See you guys in the verse

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