Hello from Creator_Destroyer

Hey guys, what’s up! My name is Creator_Destroyer, I am a very… friendly guy, so you can just chat me up anytime you want? I’ll be in the mumble >_>

So yeah, we can have fun together, play games, and generally enjoy each others company.

On the SC side of things.

I joined in 2017.

Lemme tell you the story on how I found star citizen.

Me and my friend were playing a minecraft like game, fun game btw, I have a copy of it that we can play together, should anyone want to join me.

He was a concierge member, but he was shitting on SC (he later met me in concierge chat and told me it’s a cool game, and he want’s to reorganize his fleet) lmao, I had no idea what SC was, so I shat on it too.

But when I checked it out… it was awesome! I went to concierge in like a month, for the sole reason, I wanted to get into the VIP clubs…


But yeah, I’ve been a great fan of SC for those years since, and I am happy to dedicate my time, and effort to ADI, let’s prosper together, have fun, and enjoy the community experience that this org brings! :smiley:

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Welcome to the Org! What’s taken you so long? What ships do you have then? I have questions!

Look forward to meeting and chatting soon!

Hi Creator and Welcome to ADI,

Yeah the game has a couple of bugs but as we are always reminded it’s still in Alpha stage, and for what it is, gameplay is not bad at all :slight_smile: just a bit of patience from the community is needed. (CIG will get there eventually)

As regarding to the ADI, be sure to check out our calendar for the next OP, they are good fun and well organized and if you have any questions you can talk to us on Discord and Mumble too.

Once again welcome to ADI and see you in the verse. :slight_smile:

Hi @Creator_Destroyer, what gameplay are you looking forward to? I’d hazard a guess at base building or perhaps destroying them with an A2?

Hey Creator, Glad to have you abort ADI, I hope you have fun here with the ORG by far the best org to join.
There are so many things do with us, for example just check the calendar, it’s full of stuff to do. Hope to see you in the verse. =)

Welcome to ADI Creator_Destroyer. I’m glad you joined the team. You will find you’re in good company here in ADI; lots of friendly and helpful people here. I hope you’ll check out Mining & Salvage’s weekly mining exercises from time to time. There’s lots of fun to be had.

Welcome to the org Creator_Detroyer hope to meet you on mumble very soon.

Welcome to ADI!

I am sure you will enjoy it here! Be sure to check out the org operations, it is a great chance to interact with everyone. There are also some division exercises you can join, too! See you around!

Thank you everyone, for the warm greeting, I really appreciate it.

I hope to make many friends here, and I have a good feeling I will. :slight_smile:

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