Hello from a new player

I had joined SC about 2 years ago with a friend and never played much due to instability. As a long time Eve player i have been watching this game for ever hoping there is more stuff to do. That leads me here! I joined over a year ago on the RSI site but never got around to playing.
I have no real preference in these games tbh, i enjoy the sandbox do what you want and do what is needed feeling the game is pushing. Mostly looking for a relaxed group to play with that isnt stressing on you not playing 4+ hours a day.

Welcome Edixie, hope you enjoy being in ADI, there is no pressure, you play as much as you want. We do run regular org ops & you will always find someone on mumble to either just chat with or team up in the “verse”

Welcome to ADI, Edixie!

Glad to see you decided to Join! Hopefully the game stabilises a bit in the coming patches, There are some org ops coming up - be sure to check them out in the forums, if you need a link please don’t hesitate to ask. Look forward to catching up with you in game.

Welcome Edixie, ADI is all about real life first and not pressuring people into ops that extend past there intended time. Feel free to jump on with anyone anytime!

Hey Edixie! The game has come a long way in 2 years. As an org, we are having a lot of fun with what has been released already. I’ve never understood clans with time requirements. I think it is good that you are open minded about doing different things in the game. The is to much still up in the air to be able to commit to any one thing at this point. Welcome to ADI and I look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome to ADI Edixie! The game has matured SO much in the last year - I am really looking forward to 2019. Given the nature of Star Citizen a diverse org is awesome and one of the reasons I love ADI!

Welcome Edixie, real life first is one of our core rules! I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time with us, looking foward to catching you around the verse and in one of the saturday ops if the schedule works for you

Welcome @Edixie, I would first like to congratulate you on your new addiction!

Welcome to ADI, @Edixie! Always nice to have some one who likes kinda just doin everythang. Looking forward to flying with ya.

Welcome to ADI Edixie :slight_smile:

SC has become much more stabile now but still with some “fetures”.
Awesome to see you become a full members!
Real life comes first in ADI so it is okay not to game all the time.

Hop un Mumble and Discord and you will find a lot of people to fly with.
See you in the Verse.

I have been playing around a bit running freight and and silly cargo missions. I have the week end off, so ill hop on to see a fully manned ship for once!

Hey Edixie! Welcome to ADI. I hope you do jump on and join us in some shenanigans. We have groups on most nights doing cargo runs, or fending off griefers. See you around the verse!

Welcome Edixie, I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome Edixie, don;t worry, in ADI real life comes first so when ever your available to fly feel free to join in.

Long time Eve online player also hope there is less ganking and more fun than Eve. So far it looks a lot better than a year ago when I bought a ship and looked around and was not impressed. Now it is starting to be interesting to me.

Thankfully the option to kick back and relax in Star Citizen is ever present. Kick your feet up on the console for those restive Quantum jumps from place to place and explore planets lol Welcome to the Org Edixie

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you man and i see you in the verse =D

We frequently run cargo as team, I’ll be on the look out for ya.