Hello everyone

Hello everyone, glad to be part of them. Looking forward to all the fun!

Hi Haveritius,

Let me be the first to give you a warm welcome. Which division did you join and in what role? Hopefully C u soon in 3.x Bye changenl

Welcome Haveritius,
I’m looking forward to the fun also. What do you think you’ll like the most with Star Citizen?

Welcome to ADI Haveritius what are you looking to do in game, I’m excited about getting some cargo hauling going so I can do some escort runs. see you game.

Thanks for all the replies. I signed up for Fleet Security or was it Capital ships. I’m down for whatever is challenging and fun. I’ve done the combat, trading, mining, and exploration in other games. These activities are fun and challenging in some, tedious, boring, and mindless in others. I could possibly say that exploration is at the bottom of my list of things to do simply because of the vast amount of time one would be travelling through space doing nothing but looking out the window and viewing the sensors. I also have a 10 month old, so I need an activity that I can randomly jump in and out of… at least until he gets older. He can be my crewmen.

Looking forward to getting in game with you guys!

Got a bit earlier fresh ADI blood available 6 and 8 are mine :smiley:
Fleetsecurity is the overall division: From the ADI site: “Fleet Security
is the high-performance defensive arm of ADI. These are the highly trained crewmen, engineers, marines, officers, and pilots that fly everything from single seat fighters to capital ships, all to keep our ships safe.”

Cheers Changenl

I am new to ADI myself. It looks like a solid clan with great members so far.I am definitely excited to get operations running. In time!

Welcome to ADI Haveritius, Yes a lot of us intend to fo a wide verity of jobs just like you were saying. looking forward to meeting you.