Hello everyone.

Hey guys, finally time to settle down in the verse and join an Org. After much research I think you guys would be a great fit!

Welcome to ADI. Glad to have you with us! Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome Aboard PsycoBlast!

As your resident Prospect, if you have any questions about the Organization, Verse (Star Citizen), Life (Tech,Games,General Questions)… feel free to reach out to me via PM here on the Forums. I hope your research paid off, and glad you found your home within our ranks :smiley:

I’m part of Fleet Security and will be glad to protect you in the future or fly beside you in our glorious ventures to keep our brothers and sisters in arms safe.

Not to rant, so going to end it here… Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Hi Psycoblast,

Welcome to the org! Which division did you join and in what role?

Bye changenl

Fleet security with the capital fleet…because I like big guns and I cannot lie.

:smiley: nice!