Hello everyone!

Hi, my name is Heydar.

I’m a 36 year old lawyer from California. I started playing Star Citizen last year, sometime around version 2.4 and have been really excited about it ever since then. I’ve been really excited about all of the options of social play that Star Citizen offers and I’m really hoping to be part of ADI.

I look forward to seeing you all in the verse!

Hi there Heydar great to see you with us on boarding you now

Welcome to the family Heydar.

It is great to have you onboard with us. I think you will enjoy it here. Feel free to drop in on Mumble and Discord at anytime and have a fun time with other members.

Hope to talk to you soon

Greetings from Switzerland

Welcome Heydar! Glad to have someone from the left coast on board. :laughing: Make sure you try to get on for next Friday night Flight night. We have a blast and great way to get to know the members of ADI! See you in the verse.

Hello Heydar,

Your story sounds similar to my own reasons for playing. It’s quite an amazing game in terms of social play and expansiveness. 3.0 will be coming out soon with some great features to try out. Be sure to hop in mumble or in a flight night to get to know some of the people here. Everyone is great! See you in game soon hopefully.