Hello Everyone

My name is MoejonTana. I’m new to Atlas Defense Industries and just wanted to say hi.

Welcome MoejonTana! Hope to see you in the game soon! Do you have any idea what division you’re looking to concentrate on within the org?

Welcome MoejonTana! Tomorrow night is flight night and a great way to meet members and have some fun. Hope to see you there.

Hi MoejonTana,

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here. Be sure to check out one of our flight nights. We’d love to have you join us whenever you’re available to play. Be sure to stop by mumble too. All the best!

Hello MoejonTana,

welcome to ADI.

We do have some recruiting events, open for all members, not only recruiters. If you want to join us, your presence will be appreciated.
All dates of the upcoming events are in the calendar from our website.

See you soon around the verse

Thanks for the welcome man. I’m fairly new to Star Citizen and i only have one ship, the Origin Jumpworks 325A. I’m Thinking about joining the Private Contract Division, however if Atlas feels that i’m of more use in another division i would be open to becoming a part of any division within the org.

Sweet sounds like fun thanks for the heads up. I just have one question on how it works. Does everyone meet up in a specific location on the map or should i just log in and make my salf known to the other atlas members?

Welcome aboard.

Welcome aboard. Start by joining the group on mumble, preferably at least 10 minutes early if not more. You’ve got to team up and log in at the right time to be on the same server. That’s all coordinated on mumble. You’ll be told to add everyone in attendance to your contact list on Star citizen so start doing that. Once everyone is confirmed to be on the same server at crusader, you leave together as a group.

So just log into mumble, make yourself known, and add everyone to your contacts.

See you online.

Hi and welcome @MoejonTana to ADI glad to see you with us and if you need anything. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM on here, discord or just grab me if you see me on Mumble and I’ll do my best to help you we are all here to help each other at the end of the day. I’m always about if you just want to fly or play a few rounds of star marine that’s great with me. well hope to see you soon