Hello, everyone!

Well met, friends.

I go by the name Buck, on here as well as on RSI. Like many of you, I come from a diverse background of game genres, which naturally seems to help me appreciate Star Citizen even more. Glad to be a part of this community, as I am yet to find my place and where I can be most helpful.

Thank you for taking the time reading my post, and safe journey to you all.

Heya, Buck. Thanks for your interest. We all look forward to getting to know you and to hanging out with you in and out of game.

Just make sure you hop on mumble so we can get you all squared away. See you soon!

Hey Buck,

Welcome to the community.
I sent you a few PMs on the RSI forums to help you sort out the naming consistency issue - let me (or anyone else here) know if there is anything else you need.

Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome Buck,

great to have you on board and thank you for your interest in ADI! I look forward to seeing and playing with you in game. Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time to familiarize your’re self with a few of our many ADI members. Hope to see you at tonight’s Friday night flight night. Once again, great to have you!