Hello Everyone! Scrub Here!

Glad to have joined!
I’m an Arma 3 Vet, Starpoint Gemini player and new member!

Welcome Scrub, what do you look forward most to doing in the Verse?
Personally I’m just getting into small fighters but for the most part i like big transport ships and touring ships.

Welcome Scrub! Always good to have experienced FPS members. Looking forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI! There are many different type of ships to fly and to help crew! What are you looking to fly and what type of ‘missions’ are you interested in?

I’m looking into Exploration & Survey! :grinning:
However, I wasn’t sure if pilots could also be surveyors on the ground?

Welcome, Scrub, glad to have you aboard and look forward to flying with you in the verse!

Welcome to the party, Scrub! In this org you can be anything and everything. Just because you’re in Exploration & Survey doesn’t mean you can’t be a combat pilot or even a ground pounder. You just need to be proficient in whatever role you explore.

Again, welcome and I’ll see you in the Verse!

Welcome Scrub! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome Scrub, There isn’t a whole lot of mechanics out currently for Exploration, I am looking forward to it. Lot’s of Carrack Pilots out there who could use crew, and I would expect a lot of ground exploration and ruins in the future, there’s still another type of cave yet to be released, and i am think it will be Archaeological in nature, alien artifacts, tombs or something. just my guess though.
See you in the 'verse. Welcome to the team.

Welcome to ADI Scrub. Good to see another person interested in exploration with us. See you in the Verse!

Scrun, Welcome to ADI. Great to see you have a background that fits well with the crew. You’ll find yourself amongst great company. Looks like E&S will be just your kind of venture. See you in the Verse.

Hey Scrub! Welcome to ADI, where you’ll find plenty of Arma vets!

Exploration will be bug for us and I’m sure you’ll get some chances to survey on the ground as well!

Welcome to ADI Scrub. What division did you choose? Regardless, I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome in the team, Scrub

Going to call you Dub rather then Scrub going forward as I tend to use “Scrub_A_Dub” when referring to my own derp ups in Star Citizen and out of it! Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries and see you around the Arma 3 round ups from time to time as well as out in the Universe.

welcome Scrub to ADI